My name is Tara. Nice to meet you 🙂 Lets see how many labels i can apply to myself! :p

I am 29 yrs old, chapstick lesbian, mother of 3, divorced, plus sized, narcoleptic, fantasy geek, artist, wanderer …

feel like you know me yet?

The point of this blog is to document the serious life changes that are happening for me right now. The biggest of wich is my decision to leave behind the “rat race” (i seriously Fail at it anyway) and persue the kind of life i had always dreamed of.

This was all sparked by the show Cavalia. if you dont know about it yet, its like Cirque du Soleil, but with horses.

My girlfriend Quinn, is working as a groom in the stables. one day her boss askes about me and what i do for a living. Quinn explains about my situation and how i dont have a job at the moment. and her boss tells her that they would/could find me a job with them. 😮

So then i had to make a choice. ive spent the past 3 years in and out of homelessness because i can’t find a permanent job in portland… and here i am offerd a job, a wonderfull job. but it means packing up and going on the road. which in itself sounds woderfull. but what about my kids?

i finally decided that i would rather my kids saw me less frequently but were proud of me, than to see me every day/ often and not be proud. the only thing ive managed to acheive since leaving my ex-husband is welfare. and thats not much to be proud of.

so, i will have a nice visit with my non-custodial kids. Aidan and Alanna. tell them all about whats happening and make plans for regular communication and keep my fingers crossed that there father dosent do anything to sabatoge our relationship. My oldest kiddo, Hannah is going to go live with grandma. she just turned 12 and is excited to go back to wyoming. she has friends there and she loves her grandparents. hopefully she will be proud of me and understand my decision.

So thats it, in about 2 weeks time we leave our crappy ghetto apartment, drive Hannah to Wyoming and then Quinn and I go to St.Louis for the show there that starts mid March.

Wish me luck!


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